Simone FM Spinner teaches wine curious neophytes, aficionados, industry professionals, and university students in her insightful, fun, and accessible wine seminars and courses.

For more in-depth and focused sensory training, book Simone for private and group wine taste/smell coaching. Simone will take you from tasting to testing in her successful wine taste/smell coaching sessions.

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I had the honor of working with Simone while studying for my WSET Level 3 exam. Her attention to detail and being able to break down how to smell and taste were extremely helpful. Additionally, while studying for theory she was always ready with additional information that made the material more memorable and easy to learn.

Simone has forgotten more about wine than I will ever know! A true passionate wine professional.

Becky Creighton

January 2021, Becky was a client of Simone FM

Simone is a real gem. Her passions for wine, food and cooking are immediately evident when you meet her. As a company, we felt so lucky to be working with a resource of her talent and skill level at Secret Food Tours. Officially, her position as International Regional Manager included; overseeing the operations, accounting, staffing, training in key international markets. She managed these complex tasks exceptionally well and with great enthusiasm. In addition, she was called upon to create tours from the ground up in several new markets in the US, researching and creating a tour narrative that told the unique aspects of that region through its food story. Simone was an incredible resource to assist on key new business opportunities when the creation of specialty tours in key markets were required and was very mindful of recommending new marketing opportunities that existed in her regions to drive leads and increase sales. I can highly recommend Simone.

Linda Denbrock

March 2020, Linda worked with Simone FM in different groups

I have been a professional chef for 25 plus years and adore wine. Simone is one of the most knowledgeable people I have ever encountered, not only as a sommelier but also as a wine and food aficionado, a creator of food tours, wine tasting tours and is also a published academic and author.

I highly recommend her not only as a consummate professional but she is also the nicest person.

Andy Soboil

March 2020, Specialist in Whole Food Plant-Based Nutrition; ex-owner- O! Burger; private yacht/ private estate chef

Simone is a true professional who approaches her work with genuine enthusiasm, knowledge and attention to detail. As a supervisor and team leader, she did a fantastic job of inspiring and motivating our 4-person crew to deliver the best culinary experiences and secret food tours in Denver. I highly recommend Simone as an outstanding leader, colleague and influencer in the world of food and wine

Sheri Chadwick

March 2020, Creative communicator, digital technology expert, Sheri reported directly to Simone FM

I worked under Simone FM Spinner as my regional manager from 2019-2020. The first time I met Simone, I knew there was something very rare and interesting about her.

Simone is a very accomplished woman with a long list of impressive achievements, unique curiosities, and diverse life experiences. She is an incredibly hard worker, juggling working full time, business travel, and finalizing a doctoral study with ease. As a manager, her outstanding communication skills, on-point direction, impeccable leadership, and belief in her staff made her an empowering and satisfying supervisor to work with. A unique skill is her capacity to inspire those around her and maintain an approachable manner.

Simone has a creative problem-solving ability that was demonstrated when our company came up against a significant roadblock rather suddenly. Simone calmly made decisive if not difficult directional changes demonstrating her capability to overcome obstacles in a timely manner.

 I would welcome the opportunity to work with Simone FM Spinner again and I highly recommend her as an asset to any team that falls under her scope of expertis

Heather Long

March 2020, Social Media Marketing Specialist at Ms. Mile High Marketing